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U14 Developmental Camp

2016 U14 Development Camp Registration 

DATE:             June 5, 2016
LOCATION:    Prospect Park Fredericton
TIME:             Registration begins @ 9:30am
DURATION:    End at 4pm
COST:             $25


The purpose of the U14 identification camp is to evaluate the physical stamina and the playing skills of softball players born in 2002 and 2003.

The results of this information will assist the coaching association of Softball NB to:

- create a set of standards for the physical health of players in NB

- develop a set of testing standards for playing skills

- evaluate where players in NB fit in the national skills matrix

- develop coaching resources to improve the benchmark results

All players will take part in physical testing, skills evaluation and scrimmage games.   Future plans include training programs and off season camps in different regions of the province to assist those players interested in improving their skills.   All participants will receive an evaluation camp t-shirt.

Coaches who require an on field evaluation to complete their NCCP competition-introduction certification can do so by assisting with this camp.  Expenses will be reimbursed and all coaches will receive a camp t-shirt.

If you would like more information on the u14 evaluation and skills camp, please see our website or contact Bev Adams at 454-8994 or by email at

2016 Softball NB Grandslam Draw!

Softball NB is pleased to announce a initiative for 2016. The Softball NB Grandslam Draw is a fantastic opportunity to participate in a weekly 50/50 draw to aid in the development of softball programs in New Brunswick.

When:  Draws will take place every Thursday at noon throughout 2016.

Cost: $2 per week. Minimum $20 to get started.

Registration: Online registration and payment will be available soon. To register, please click the "Registration and Payment" button in the top left hand corner.

Regulation: Please see the "Regulations" button below for all pertinent lottery information.

For more information on the Grandslam Draw, please contact Bev Adams 454-8994 or via email at


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